UPVC Agri pipes

Enhancing Productivity and Quality of Farms

At Sunplast Pipes, we have taken it as our responsibility to produce and supply high-quality UPVC pipes. UPVC pipes are necessary for a host of applications, and that is why we take care to make them in top quality. Our teams create:

  • Leak-proof
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Hot and cold plumbing pipes
  • Non-microbial and anti-bacterial Pipes and fittings

We are one of the leading UPVC agri pipes manufacturer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our experts create UPVC pipes, especially for agricultural purposes and in keeping with the objectives in mind.

What Makes Our Products the Top Choice?

We, from Sunplast Pipes, specialize in these pipes and all of the pipes we produce get perfect joints. It helps in giving the longevity and durability of the pipes not seen elsewhere.

Our teams of designers and engineers are eager to listen to your demands and then offer you the best solutions for pipes and fittings. The right size of pipes and fittings prevent wastage and optimization of flow. This is why we take all the measurements seriously.

Our products fit standard industrial measurements. If you have specific size requirements, mention it to us as you also can check our catalogs for more.


  • Light weight, easy handling and maintenance
  • Quick to install, solvent cement based jointing system
  • Corrosion resistance -provides constant flow compared to G.I.
  • Pipes & fittings which are prone to rusting and clogging.
  • UV and Fire resistance
  • Long life.
  • Cost-effective plumbing solution.