Triple Layered Water Tanks, PVC Water Storage Tank, Plastic Water Tank

Reliable and Premium Quality above Everything Else

In the present times, when we have realized the importance of storing and conserving rainwater or potable water, we need to use proper storage tanks. We, from Sunplast Pipes, are always on the endeavor of creating PVC water storage tank in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. These tanks are:

  • Durable
  • Useful for storing water without discoloring or spoiling it
  • Keeping the water in perfect condition for long
  • Keeping the potable water safe from evaporation
  • Safe for storing water for consumption for long
  • Safe from extremes of temperatures outside

What Special Areas do We Note?

We, from Sunplast Pipes, specialize in a plastic water tank in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for a host of diverse applications. These are for use above ground, or underground and come with extra features and fittings to suit client needs. Our experts will be able to guide you while you are selecting the best tank for your industrial use too.

The triple-layered water tanks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu are free standing or can also be stacked and stored for more prolonged use. After getting your requirements, we make these tanks. With durable sidewalls and roof panels, they also get bottom wall sheets to hold the weight evenly.


  • Advanced 3 layers blow mould technology
  • Non toxic food grade material
  • 10 Years Warranty.
  • Uniform wall thickness structure ensures maximum strength and Durability.
  • Air tight threaded lid ensures the tank is free from dust and files
  • Plumber friendly multi outlet option along with inlet and overflow Configurations.
  • UV Stabilized outer layer ensures higher temperature insulation and minimize the heating of water by sun rays
  • The high quality carbon black coloured middle layer prevents the sun rays from entering the water and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Antimicrobial inner white layer ensures the quality of water.
  • Protection against various germs like bacteria, molds, etc.,
  • Reduced odour formation